Food or industry?

The old thinking concerning dairy food being the best source of vitamins and minerals essential for strong healthy bones has now been debunked by the vast majority of the independent research literature.

To state the obvious :

Cows milk is designed to be consumed by baby cows.

Human milk is designed to be consumed by baby humans. It is interesting to note that we are the only species to consume another animals milk beyond weaning age! Even beyond weaning age, humans lack the enzymes to digest even human breast milk, and certainly we lack enzymes to digest milk of another animal.

Milk is highly species specific, and for humans it contains many inflammatory molecules and proteins that we humans simply cannot digest satisfactorily.



Humans are known to have consumed animal milk for the past 5000 years, so in historical terms relatively recently. Historically humans are known to have consumed animal milk and blood from time to time, but certainly not homogenised and pasturised mass produced cow milk on a daily basis. Over time dairy has become big business. The cows used in this business are fed unnatural foods and milked until their stress hormones are rife, fed antibiotics and other medications, and inhumanely killed when they are no longer useful. And even apart from the ethical issues of killing calves so that the dairy industry can profit, the milk they produce contains pus, blood and various pathogens, and is then pasturised and homogenised to make it apparently 'safe.'



Consider who is gaining from this..



Further, there is an abundance of scientific literature available concerning the health problems associated with dairy intake. Dairy is a known cause of inflammation in the body, contributing to conditions such as heart disease, alzheimers disease, dementia, skin problems, acne, mucous production, sinus problems, gastrointestinal upsets and disease, hormonal and endocrine problems, prostate and breast disease and cancer.


It is true that cows milk contains proteins, minerals such as calcium and vitamins such as vitamin D, but what is little publicised is that humans cannot digest cows milk sufficiently enough to absorb these nutrients. And in fact, dairy foods actually inhibit absorption of other nutrients in the body.


There is a large body of scientific research now linking dairy foods with prostate cancer and breast cancer. There are so many good quality plant based milks, cheeses and yogurts available now, that there is simply no excuse to make healthy choices.




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