Vaccines : Be Informed

What's a vaccine anyway? History and discussion.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe and is for informational purposes only. Do your own independant research before making any decisions that affect your health. Base any decision you make regarding vaccination of yourself or your family on ALL the available information, not just what I include here and in subsequent parts of this and other articles, but also on that which the government or other businesses such as pharmacutical industry or the medical profession provides, read the independent scholarly articles, talk to your friends and associates and weigh up all the evidence, so that you can be fully informed. I was a solicitor and barrister many years ago, and continue to endeavour to evaluate all the available evidence before me before making an informed decision. 


I make no secret that I am against vaccine. I am pro living a healthy life (pro biotic!) and pro nature! It is my belief that we are all unique miracles of nature. We deserve good health so that we can live our true purpose. I dedicate my life to helping people achieve optimal mental, emotional and physical health so that the world can be a better place.

I am not sharing the reasons for my decision here, but instead share a summary of a few of the opinions of those who are learned in the areas of immunology, virology and biochemistry. Their opionions appear to be absent from the prevailing rhetoric concerning vaccine. I have been asked by many of my clients what to do about vaccination over the years, for themselves and their family, and my answer is always the same: Inform yourself to make the best decision for you and your family. 

The scientific integrity of vaccines and the current vaccine schedule is an important consideration in making this decision. 

What is the theory behind vaccine?

Firstly, we must always remember that our mind-body is an incredibly complex system of systems that endeavours to maintain health at every moment. A strong mind-body, including our immune system is responsible for our continued good health and ability to recover from disease. 

Historically the theory of vaccine involves taking a small part of the actual disease molecule (eg a denatured small pox fragment) and place it under the skin (inoculate) to force the body to develop antibodies so that so that if that individual is exposed in the future to that specific disease (eg small pox), then the immune response is activated quickly, and already primed to fight it off. This is a very simplified version of the general way that vaccine is taught in medical schools, along with statistics that vaccine production sold by big pharma promotes health and saves lives. The truth is that most GPs who administer these vaccines, do not even know what the injections contain. 

NB: Current influenza vaccine contains thimerosal, hydrocortisone, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80, baculovirus and cellular DNA, betapropriolactone, gelatin, sodium deoxycholate, canine kidney cell protein and DNA, Trioton X-100, egg protein, gentamicin sulphate, formaldehyde, neomycin and much more. And, the flu vaccine is developed based on last seasons flu virus, not the current season. The incidence of injuries are high, and not often reported because is it considered normal that there will be side effects. Where injury is extreme or death results, leading to some form of legal action, there is usually no compensation for the plaintiff, because big pharma is exempt from liability in prosecution. 

Does vaccine work? Are we immune as a result?

Terminology is confusing. If we consider for a moment the view that vaccination equals immunity, we must also question efficacy of vaccine, which is another topic for another day. Suffice to say, vaccination does not equal immunisation. If we are unvaccinated, in the normal course, our bodies produce an adaptive response to exposure to viruses which is true immunisation. The ability to fight viruses with our bodies immune systems has been slowly eroded. We all have the ability to do this, by recogising that we have a strong immune system. We actually immunise ourselves throughout our lives through exposure to viruses. Immunity is simply how robust our immune system is. Immunity can be compromised through diet and lifestyle choices, drugs, sanitisers, antibacterial soaps, through unnecessary antibiotic use (literally translates to 'against life') and  current heavy vaccination schedules.  

What is the answer?

Build and protect and develop our immune system, natures way of keeping us healthy and strong. Protect our microbiome. Our immune systems are influenced by : Fresh air, exercise, water, social contact and meaning, a varied diet including some raw vegetables, happiness and fulfillment. Our bodies are unique miracles of nature and it is our duty to the highest order to protect our unique mind-body, so that we can live on purpose, and give ourselves permission to be our true authentic selves here on earth. There is no price on optimal health.