Water :

Disease or Dehydration?


"The medical professionals of today do not understand the vital roles of water in the human body. " (1)

...World renown water expert, Dr Batmangheldij MD... 

Water is essential for our well-being and chronic dehydration can cause dis-ease. 

Therefore an important solution in preventative medicine for the treatment of many chronic diseases which arise from a dehydrated state of being, is regular consumption of adequate amounts of pure water.

What do you mean by pure water?

Spring water, rain water, reverse osmosis filtered water.

Tap water contains too many chemicals and heavy metals to be considered a nutrient. 

How much should I drink?

Adequate amounts will vary depending on personal requirements, weight, height, level of activity, and ambient environmental temperature, 

with the average requirement at rest being 33ml water per kilogram of body weight.

In a nutshell the golden rules are : 

  • Consume 33ml per kg of body weight if you are at rest, otherwise increase accordingly
  • Never ever drink water with meals
  • Juices, coffee, tea, herbal tea, smoothies are liquids but they are not equal to water, and some of these beverages act to dehydrate us further. 

Some signals of dehydration:

* Headache 

* Gastrointestinal problems (dyspeptic pain, gastritis, duodenitis, heartburn, ulcer, and reflux) can and have been treated successfully in the first instance with water alone (2).

* Joint problems

* Cardiovascular and heart problems

* The final signal is thirst

Adequate hydration is therefore necessary and required for our bodies to sustain healthy systems.

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(1) Batmanghelidj, F. (M.D) Your Body's Many Cries For Water : You are not sick, you are thirsty. (2nd Ed) 1995 Global Health Solutions Inc. Falls Church, VA. p4

(2) ibid p25

Information provided here is designed to neither diagnose, treat nor prescribe. It is provided as helpful information only