Cancer : A Discussion

At the outset, I will say that as a qualified and accredited natural medicine practitioner, I neither diagnose, treat, nor prescribe. I do not claim to cure, relieve or heal a patient with any medical diagnosis including cancer. This has become entirely the domain of the modern medical profession and big pharma and is written into the legislation. The tools the medical profession have in their toolkit regarding their ability to treat or cure the disease called cancer are chemotherapy drugs, various medications, radiation treatment and surgery.

In my years of experience within the natural health field, I have come to understand that there are more ways to understand something than can be found in the testing, medical journals, textbooks, clinical double blind placebo control trials. And I believe it to be true that disease cannot exist in a healthy environment. 

In my personal experience of having had cancer (several times), I came to understand that there are more ways to heal completely from this chronic condition other than by testing, high dose toxic free radical treatments known as chemotherapy and pharmaceutical medications. 

The cancer tumour is actually produced by our body in it's infinite wisdom as a healing mechanism. The disease state is actually what happens before the tumour is produced in the mindset and biochemistry that was set up back then that must be addressed in order to heal. The disease state then may exist in our emotional history as experiences longstanding resentment or deep hurt or deep secret or grief

It is my understanding that natural medicine is well placed to work with those people suffering chronic disease. And the reason for this is that we always look to the cause of any condition in accordance with the principle of 'Do no harm'. There may be a great deal of questioning, reflecting and monitoring, use of therapeutic nutrients, and energy medicine, and it requires a great deal of effort, but the end result in my experience, is that the client is always in a better place than at the outset. Always. 

This process or journey of course requires diligence and committment on the part of both the practitioner and client, working together to remove mental patterns that have been set up for limiting potentials, remove emotional blocks to get us out of the loop and see the infinite possibilities, and fully committing to the self love that is required for healing on every level and every plane of being. 

When we experience a mental problem, thoughts that plague us, or the internal dialogue that won't stop... we tend to use avoidance or procrastination techniques that protect us from facing these thoughts because they might be difficult or painful. Then... because these thoughts have not been addressed adequately, we begin to experience emotional problems... we become agitated, frustrated, anxious or down. We tend to avoid these issues even more now, because they are confusing or painful to face. Instead we medicate with alcohol or addictive behaviour, or simply make ourselves so busy that there is no time to allocated to deal with it. Then... because these mental problems, and emotional problems have not been addressed adequately, we begin to experience physical symptoms eg dehydration, aches and pains, headache, nausea, digestive problems, heart problems, autoimmune diseases and chronic conditions like cancer. These are the physical manifestation of what began long ago in our mental and emotional selves. Once these symptoms appear in the physical realm, they bring discomfort or pain, and we can no longer ingnore them. Most people at this point will tend to find a medical answer, which will at best provide short term relief from symptoms. But... because the problem was never dealt with at the causal level, it continues to manifest in the physical body... until we do address it.

Listen to your body. All the answers are already there. You know your body better than anyone. Better than any natural medicine practitioner and better than any medical doctor or specialist. Finding a practitioner who can allow and empower you to do your own healing may be beneficial.  

By the time most cancer clients come to a natural medicine practitioner like myself, they have already been through surgery or surgeries, without success, through many rounds of chemotherapy drugs, radiotherapy or other medications, often with less than ideal  results. Sometimes with poor prognoses. Working from this position is challenging but feasible and possible. Infact, it provides a basis of focus on healing that may not have been possible before embarking on that journey. 

Cancer is an immensely complex problem. You may be aware that we all have cancer cells in our bodies at any one time, and provided our immune system is functioning well, these cells will be taken care of in much the same way as bacteria or viruses. Remember always that if our mindset is positive our bodies are functioning more optimally. 

The observations made by the various scientific disciplines are all correct, but the conclusions are limited to what is being tested. The focus on uncontrolled cell growth  is also limited, as it is equally important to improve the patients resistance, ability to repair and maintain good health. Our bodies are always in a dynamic state and so therefore prescribing one course of treatment does not allow for this dynamism in which our bodies are always aiming to heal. There are a number of steps that a cancer cell must go through in order to express itself. Supportive nutritional and herbal therapies provide for the enviromnent that creates conditions for the body to restore function. Creating the correct mental / emotional internal and external environment is also crucial with the understanding that we are holistic beings, our mental and emotional responses are recorded in our biology, in every cell of our body. 

Cancer is a disease of free radical damage and oxidative stress. Many drugs used in mainstream treatment frequently increase oxidative stress. Lipid peroxidation and decreased antioxidant enzyme activity are affected. After this type of treatment, it is crucial to detoxify the body from these chemotherapy drugs. Equally important, it is crucial to detoxify the mind and emotional self from the very patterns which gave rise to this particular response at the cellular level.

This is done in an individual way. Every person's experience is different. A dietary and lifestyle wellness plan allows for the oxidative shift to be implemented, so as to reduce any risk of recurrence and allow optimal health to be restored. 

According to  an ancient Ayuvedic proverb:

'When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct medicine is of no need'.